Infinity Salt Air Machine ISR-1000

  Infinity Salt Air Machine ISR-1000

The Infinity Salt Air Machine integrates effortlessly into most businesses. Salt rooms, salons, spas, hotels and corporate wellness programs are experiencing the benefits of incorporating the ISR-1000 into their current operations. The dry salt aerosol generator is an easy, economical and effective way to add to, and differentiate your business.

Portable, Powerful, and Effective

The INFINITY SALT AIR MACHINE provides a highly effective treatment in as little as 3-5 minutes. The microscopic Salt particles reach deep into the lungs and sinuses providing instant relief.

Weighing in at just 2.5 lbs and 7 inches tall, this personal salt machine can travel with you almost anywhere and provides salt therapy on the go whenever you need it.

The salt aerosol is nearly invisible and there is virtually no salt dusting on furniture, clothes or on you!

Dry Salt Aerosol Benefits:

  • is antimicrobial
  • boosts the immune system of the client as well as the therapist  
  • stimulates microcirculation in the skin, helping to heal and protect, especially after exfoliations, peels or laser procedures
  • is effective in clearing the nose, sinus and respiratory tract, facilitating easier breathing during therapies
  • has a sterilizing effect on the treatment room

 Spas and Wellness Centers

  Massage, Facials,Yoga, Reflexology, and Energy Work

Adding dry salt aerosol to any type of body work, especially massage or facials, will greatly enhance the experience. The mechanical action of grinding the salt, produces negatively charged particles. These particles (ions) assist in bringing more oxygen to the blood and brain.

Clients using halotherapy alone report a very relaxing, tranquil effect during sessions and for a time afterwards. Combined with other modalities, the benefits of all therapies will be increased. 

Dry salt therapy is also compatible with aromatherapy as long as you do not get the oils or vapor directly on/in the machine. The salt particles attach to the molecules of the essential oils and will amplify and hold them in the air longer. If using a diffuser, the  salt machine should not be next to it as it must always be kept dry.

The ISR-1000 is ready to use when it arrives. No programming or set up needed. We ship with the battery approximately 50% charged for safety reasons. It will operate when first opened, but it is best to charge overnight before extensive use.

See user manual and videos for use, disclaimers and care instructions. DO NOT use setting C in a room smaller than 8 x 8. The salt concentration builds rapidly and can reach unacceptable levels in smaller spaces. 


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